Ann is a researcher, collector of minerals who has made important discoveries in the Australian mines. She spent the last few years as a nomad, live across the Europe, first in Budapest and Milan, then in Rome and Pune. After almost a year of making a switch between Rovigo and Venice, then move to Asia.

My childhood interest in Egyptology, has not left her yet; In return, new passions have been added, including international affairs, politics, economy and Star Trek. In singing, she found a way to “clean up” her mind, even though she has abandoned it. After trying to relieve the tension accumulated on a yoga day, she was put in boxing and, let’s face it, with great satisfaction!

She does not deny the radical chic label as she feels very radical and very chic. However, she always tends to think that people are a very destructive species, tends to want it all, to leave his mark on everything. A few steps away from the usual routes, a jump out of town, one night in the woods and that’s where everything else reappears. Very rich, constant activity and transformation, all in the documentaries, and yet here next to us.